Pennsylvania dairy production and associated businesses contribute more than $11.8 billion annually to Pennsylvania’s economy. Those businesses create more than 47,000 jobs. View the following list of current job opportunities in the dairy industry.

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Role: Full-Time Positions in Animal Husbandry/Milking, Managing Farmer’s Markets, Cheesemaking

Farm: Cherry Grove Farm (Lawrenceville, NJ)

Job Description: Cherry Grove Farm, a grass-based dairy in Lawrenceville, NJ, is hiring for a number of positions. Possibilities include working with their farm on animal husbandry/milking, helping manage and attend farmer’s markets, helping in their kitchen or with cheesemaking production.

Pay ranges from $16.50 – $20 per hour, depending on experience and where your interest lies. Visit their website to learn more.

How to Apply: Email your resume and three references to Andrew at

Role: Field Program Specialist – Raw Milk Handling Procedures (Full-Time)

Business: Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association (MDVA)

Job Description: MDVA is seeking a Field Program Specialist-Raw Milk Handling Procedures to join their team. This role involves providing essential support and expertise to their dairy farmer member owners, promoting best practices, and ensuring optimal productivity and profitability of dairy operations. Additionally, this position will monitor and ensure that proper procedures are being followed from loading raw milk at member dairies to being unloaded at the processing plant.

How to Apply: Click here to learn more about the position and apply today.

Role: Heavy Machinery Mechanic

Farm: Apple Shamrock Dairy (Crawford County, PA)

Job Description: They are a dairy farm that milks about 1,100 cows three times a day, and they farm about 3,000 acres. They are a family farm and take pride in high-production animals and well-maintained equipment. Their rolling herd average is 33,000 lbs. Their employees enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere and engaging work environment. 

The skills needed for the job include:

  • Your own set of tools
  • At least entry-level mechanical knowledge
  • Self accountability 
  • Able to work in a team environment
  • No physical limitations
  • Able to work 50+ hours a week
  • Interest in agriculture 

The pay is $20-$30/per hour.

How to Apply: Email Josh at or call 814-720-9674.

Role: Full-Time Position

Farm: Meier Dairy of Palmer Inc. (Kansas)

Job Description: This is a full-time position available on a 500-cow robotic dairy farm in Kansas. They are currently milking with 9 Lely robots and are looking for someone that can provide leadership for their team. Their raise their own heifers. The primary responsibilities are taking care of the cows and ensuring their well-being as well as:

  • Identifying sick cows and finding a proper treatment plan.
  • Calving assistance, tagging calves, and maintaining proper records.
  • Working with vet on protocols and implementing them.
  • Maintaining robots and taking robot calls.
  • Record keeping

Benefits include all health insurance paid, housing or gas allowance, paid holidays, and five sick days throughout the year.

How to Apply: Email Duane Meier at or call (785) 747-7644.

Role: Dairy Plant Manager (Full-Time)

Farm/Business: UDairy Creamery at the University of Delaware

Job Description: Under limited direction of the UDairy Creamery Director in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR), the Dairy Plant Manager (‘manager’) oversees and operates the production facility, abiding by local and federal regulations to create safe and high-quality dairy products. The manager is responsible for managing plant activities including daily production, equipment cleaning, sanitizing and maintenance; inventory and ordering of ingredients; fulfillment of orders, packaging, storage and distribution to UDairy Storefronts and wholesale accounts; quality and microbiology lab testing of raw milk, finished products, and the environment; and record keeping of all plant procedures and operations.

The manager is part of a team of 7 full-time employees and responsible for direct supervision of the Lab Coordinator (LC) and Assistant Plant Manager (AM). In addition, the manager is responsible for interviewing, hiring and training 4-10 student interns each year.

View the full job description, including special requirements, responsibilities, education needed, and more.

How to Apply: Click here to apply today.

Role: Reproductive Services Specialist (Central PA Region)

Business: Premier Select Sires, Inc.

Job Description: Premier Select Sires, Inc. is seeking a highly motivated Reproductive Services Specialist in their Central PA Region. The overall goal of this position is to provide valuable reproductive services to accounts and work closely with other Reproductive Services Specialists, Area Sales Managers, and the sales support staff in this fast-paced service area. This position will service southern Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. Essential functions include:

  • Offer producers complete artificial insemination offerings to include heat detection, insemination service, record keeping and reproductive analysis.
  • Strive to provide excellent customer service by maintaining a high degree of customer satisfaction and continued sales.
  • Represent Premier Select Sires with the highest level of professionalism and company pride.
  • Assist with the customer payment collections process.
  • Assist with any needs that may arise as required.

Education & Experience:

  • Experience in artificial insemination and cattle handling
  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field a plus
  • Farm background and/or subject knowledge required
  • Self-motivation, self-development, and salesmanship skills a plus
  • Computer skills required

How to Apply: Interested candidates are invited to submit their resume to Dave Miklic at

Role: Assistant Herd Manager (Full Time)

Farm: Gorrell Dairy (Bradford County, PA)

Job Description: At Gorrell Dairy, the Assistant Herd Manager is responsible for overseeing milking staff and procedures and for assisting the Herd Manager with herd health and reproduction. The Assistant Herd Manager works as a member of a team focused on herd health and productivity, employee safety and engagement, facilities maintenance, and community relations. At Gorrell Dairy, well-cared for cows are essential to the farm’s future.


  • Assist herd manager with treating cows.
  • Administer IVs and other drugs as directed by the Herd Manager and the Veterinarian.
  • Vaccinations.
  • Assist with breeding and reproduction programs.
  • Heat detection.
  • Use SCR System to locate and treat sick animals, and identify animals in heat.
  • Keep inventory of, and relay needs for parlor supplies to Herd Manager in a timely manner.
  • Weekly Dry Cow moves.

How to Apply: Submit your application for employment to Call Kendall Treadwell at 714-657-4798 for more information. Compensation is based on skills and experience.

Role: Dairy Manager (Full-Time)

Farm: Windsong Dairy (Adams Center, NY)

Job Description: Windsong Dairy is a 1,000-cow dairy with updated state-of-the-art facilities, 350-head young heifer facility (2023), 100-head calf barn (2022), 300-stall transition cow barn (2021), and a focus on continuous improvement and expansion. The Dairy Manager is responsible for effective supervision of the dairy operation and working as a member of a team focused on herd health and productivity, employee safety and engagement, facilities maintenance, and community relations. The Dairy Manager will be responsible for goal setting and attainment, motivation and evaluation of direct reports, and exercising sound judgement in carrying out these duties. Click here to view the full job description.

How to Apply: Call Jon at 315-952-9667 or email

Role: Farm Employees (Full-Time, Part-Time and Internship Opportunities)

Farm: Musser Run Jerseys (Mifflin County, Pennsylvania)

Job Description: Musser Run Jerseys is a first-generation dairy farm located in Central PA. They milk 200 registered Jerseys and raise all replacement heifers. They are currently looking to add to their workforce. The current workforce consists of mainly family members with the addition of two part-time highschoolers who help with the evening milking. Responsibilities could include milking (swing 12 parlor), feeding calves, cleaning out pens, operating equipment, moving/sorting cattle and other general tasks around the farm. Experience working with dairy cattle is a plus but not a requirement.

How to Apply: Call or email Kristen to apply or with questions. Email or call (717) 899-6068.

Role: Dairy Extension Program Associate (Full-Time, Limited Appointment – 3 Years)

Organization: The Department of Animal Science at North Carolina State University

Job Description: The Department of Animal Science at North Carolina State University is seeking an Extension Program Associate to provide support to two grant initiatives focused on dairy businesses in North Carolina.  The successful candidate will work with faculty in both the Animal Science and Ag & Resource Economics Departments to increase farmer participation in voluntary business management, cost share and educational programming.  A successful candidate will have working knowledge of farm business management and the ability to interact professionally with dairy farmers to collect and collate farm-level data. 

A Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent combination of training and experience are required.  

How to Apply: Click here to learn more or apply today. For specific questions about the position or the application process, contact search committee chair, Dr. Stephanie Ward, at

Role: Dairy Processing Plant Manager (Full-Time)

Farm/Business: Yoder’s Country Market (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)

Job Description: Yoder’s Country Market is seeking a Full-Time Dairy Processing Plant Manager. Responsibilities are to oversee and manage the daily operations of the Dairy Processing Plant including hauling milk from farm to plant, testing samples, milk and ice cream production, purchasing supplies, following proper food handling practices, and scheduling staff.

How to Apply: For a full job description, email Dina at Visit their website for more information about their operation or to apply.

Role: Crop and Field Manager (Full-Time)

Farm: Yippee! Farms (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)

Job Description: The Crop and Field Manager is responsible for maintaining and repairing all farm equipment, managing planting, harvesting, manure hauling, and soil testing. They are looking for a forward, independent thinker with excellent communications skills for managing and working with others.

How to Apply: Email or call (717) 572-3593.

Role: Farm Employee (Full-Time)

Farm: Brian Mull’s Dairy (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)

Job Description: This dairy farm has been in the Mull family for two generations, and they are looking to add more people to their team. The position available is feeding 135 dairy cows in a tie-stall barn in Quarryville, Pennsylvania. The work includes a mix of feeding and other various farm jobs, including regular maintenance and repairs on equipment and some other farm equipment operation. The ability to operate a skid loader and tractor mixer wagon are necessary for this position. Someone that can work well independently, is observant, and detail-oriented would be the best fit for this position.

How to Apply: Email Brian Mull at or call (717) 278-3110. Competitive pay is offered.

Role: Mechanic

Farm: Gorrell Dairy (Bradford County, PA)

Job Description: At Gorrell Dairy, a Mechanic is responsible for all aspects of maintaining and repairing the farm’s machinery and equipment and working with others on the mechanics/machinery maintenance crew to ensure the successful and efficient operation of the farm’s shop. The Mechanic is required to use his or her specialized skills and experience to locate and diagnose issues with machinery and equipment and find cost-effective solutions and repairs. The Mechanic at Gorrell Dairy is also a member of the harvest crew, and must be willing and able to take part in all duties related to fieldwork during planting and harvest seasons.


  • Ensure that all equipment is in a constant state of readiness as assigned by the Head Mechanic.
  • Follow the farm’s maintenance schedule for routine servicing of all machinery and equipment.
  • Have and maintain an ongoing operating knowledge of all farm machinery and equipment.
  • Keep organized and up-to-date records of any maintenance you perform on farm machinery.
  • Perform repairs and tasks including, but not limited to brake jobs, engine replacements, clutch replacements, installations, calibrations, etc.
  • As a member of the harvest crew, take part in all aspects of fieldwork during planting and harvest seasons.

How to Apply: Click here for a complete job description. Submit your application for employment to Call Kendall Treadwell at 714-657-4798 for more information. Compensation is based on skills and experience.

Role: Feeder

Farm: Gorrell Dairy (Bradford County, PA)

Job Description: At Gorrell Dairy, the Feeder is responsible for feeding and caring for all livestock on the dairy facility.  The proper care of dairy animals involves keeping the animal areas, lots, and barns clean and free from manure and extraneous objects.  The Feeder works as a member of a team focused on herd health and productivity, employee safety, facilities maintenance, and community relations.


  • Arrive on farm by 6:00AM daily and begin mixing rations no later than 6:30AM.
  • Push up feed first thing each morning, noting any refusals so that adjustments can be made if necessary.
  • Check bunks each morning and work with farm manager to decide feeding amounts.
  • Check animals frequently and on-time each day to be sure they are receiving adequate feed.
  • Work with nutritionist and farm manager to adapt and accommodate diet of animals as needed.
  • Take direction from manager about what and when to feed, and any changes to the ration.
  • Keep track of percent shrink and feed commodities.
  • Get cows fed accurately and on-time without running out of feed.

How to Apply: Click here for a complete job description. Submit your application for employment to Call Kendall Treadwell at 714-657-4798 for more information. Compensation is based on skills and experience.

Role: Dairy Specialist

Business: Agri-King

Job Description: The Dairy Specialist would provide advisory expertise to Agri-King’s clientele. This is a fantastic work-from-home opportunity where you’ll get the chance to play an integral role in helping Agri-King create long-standing relationships with agriculture professionals. We currently have an opening for our established Lancaster, PA region. Agri-King provides livestock producers with a personalized nutritional program that offers flexible and affordable solutions. This industry leader is dedicated to improving herd profitability and optimum herd health and performance for every client.

The experience needed for the job include:

  • Experience working in within dairy or beef cattle nutrition or have an agriculture background is required
  • Territory management/sales experience is preferred
  • Bachelor or associate degree in dairy or animal science is strongly preferred
  • Must be able to manage a productive work-from-home schedule
  • Proficiency working with counselor-based selling 

How to Apply: Email Chris Partlow at or call 641-740-7273.