As cases of the coronavirus disease (also known as COVID-19) continue to appear in the United States, many dairy farm families and small business owners are working to navigate the crisis and manage their operations the best they can.

The Center for Dairy Excellence is committed to connecting Pennsylvania dairy farm families with tools and resources to strengthen their dairy operations. Below you’ll find a library of resources to help you manage crisis planning, stress and wellness, and financial planning during this time.

The Center will attempt to connect those who experience labor shortages due to COVID-19 with individuals who are willing to provide temporary relief. If you have concerns about staffing your dairy facilities due to COVID-19 or if you are willing to provide relief milking services to those who may be affected, please email or call 717-346-0849.

COVID-19 Farm Resources

  • Coronavirus Overview – Understand the COVID-19 and its transmissibility, host range, incubation period, environmental stability, and other required information for infectious disease outbreak response.
  • COVID-19 and Your Dairy – Cornell Cooperative Extension shares the steps that dairy managers should consider to protect their workforce, their business and their markets. View slides from their webinar to learn more about the steps employers should take to protect employees, animal health considerations, and more.
  • 9 Steps for Managing a Crisis – Crisis events don’t happen to every dairy producer, but they could happen to any producer at any given time. Appropriate communication is vital during a crisis, especially for famers. View this resource to learn more about establishing a crisis plan.
  • Social Media and Crisis Communications Tips – For farmers who are active on social media, it’s crucial we share credible information from reputable sources. There is also a larger audience of families looking for interesting, educational material to pass the time. Read these tips for communicating on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This page will be updated as more resources related to the COVID-19 are made available.