The Center has hosted five dairy industry conference calls to help answer your questions about COVID-19 issues. If you missed them, you can listen to recordings on your computer or play them back on your phone.

Next Conference Call: Tuesday, June 30 from 12 to 1 p.m. Click here to view details.

For future industry calls, consider signing up for text alert reminders. We’ll text you a reminder the morning of the conference call and include the dial-in details. Text “Sign up” to 717-585-0766.

Dairy Industry Conference Call Recordings: Listen From Your Computer

  • Dairy Industry Conference Call: Part One – During the Center’s first conference call, dairy professionals learned how COVID-19 is affecting the dairy industry and support available at the state and federal level. Panelists answered questions about new Pennsylvania labor laws and guidelines for how farms can be prepared. Listen to the recording.
  • Dairy Industry Conference Call: Part Two – During the Center’s second conference call, dairy professionals received a milk market response to COVID-19 and an update on state and federal response. Panelists answered questions about small business funding opportunities, including the CARES Act, and the value of a contingency plan. Listen to the recording.

Dairy Industry Conference Call Recordings: Listen to Playbacks on Your Phone

  • Dial 978-990-5099
  • Enter Access Code: 553371#
  • For the first call, enter reference number 2#. For the second call, use reference number 3#. For the third, use reference number 4#. For the fourth, use reference number 6#. For the fifth, use reference number 7#. For the sixth, use reference number 8#.