The Center for Dairy Excellence Foundation of Pennsylvania was established to support the future of Pennsylvania’s dairy industry. Thanks to our donors and contributors, the Foundation exposes students to agriculture-related careers and inspires the producers, consumers, and advocates of tomorrow.

How can you support our cause? 

With each donation, the Foundation works to engage students of all ages through:

  • Educational programming and curriculum
  • Career preparation resources
  • Hands-on internships
  • Scholarship opportunities

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The financial burden to attend college is straining, especially for families in the agriculture industry that have seen their net farm income slashed in half in recent years. Financial support is among the greatest support mechanisms to be offered to a student who is pursuing higher education to further cultivate the food industry. The scholarship provided through the Center for Dairy Excellence Foundation and the Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association had an immense impact on my education in contributing toward my studies at Penn State to achieve a bachelor’s degree in food science. Through the scholarship, I was able to focus more on scholarly studies and hands-on experiences that gave me the knowledge base to apply for the dairy processing plant.

Simon Itle - Plant Manager, Vale Wood Farms