Team Program Grants

Applications are now open for the 2021-22 fiscal year. Limited grants are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Using a team approach to provide greater insight into your business’s decision-making process can lead to improved profitability, enhanced performance and future opportunities. It can also smooth the road for transition to the next generation or transformation into a new business model. The Center for Dairy Excellence leverages funds provided through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to provide grants to individual farms to establish either a Dairy Profit, Transition or Transformation Team.

How to Apply:

About the Program

  • Dairy Profit Teams: Dairy farms with existing profit teams or that establish a new profit team to work in an advisory role for the farm can receive up to $1,500 in reimbursements for paid team members and discovery-related costs. Profit teams typically consist of the farm’s most trusted advisors, with a facilitator designated to coordinate the meetings and work flow.*
  • Dairy Transition Teams: This grant is designed to help the farm establish a team to develop a transition or succession plan. Farms can apply to receive up to $3,500 in funding, which could cover the cost of paid team members, discovery-related costs and lawyer expenses.*
  • Dairy Transformation Teams: The Transformation Team* option allows producers considering a major business transformation to apply to receive up to $3,500 to establish a team to help plan and work through that transformation. 
    *Manure storage facility improvements do not qualify as eligible Transformation Team projects.

To review additional program guidelines outlined for the 2021-22 Fiscal Year, click here.

The Center partners with the Penn State Extension Dairy Team, University of Pennsylvania and private industry to provide resources and expertise to farms involved in the On-Farm Team Program.

Note: Farms must have lactating cows on their facility to apply for a grant. 

For more information about the 2021-22 On-Farm Resource Team Programs, please contact Melissa Anderson at 717-636-0779 or

The Transformation Team really helped us with the planning and details. When we had everyone, including our veterinarian and bank, around the table, we actually changed some of our initial ideas because of the discussion we had with the Transformation Team. It was exciting to hear from different people who were going to help us in the future describe where they thought we should go. It was very helpful.

Reid Hoover - Brook-Corner Holsteins