Team Guidelines

For the 2018-19 year, the Center for Dairy Excellence has outlined new guidelines for the On-Farm Resource Team Programs. These guidelines are intended to accomplish two goals:

  1. Ensure the team concept is being leveraged to meet its stated objectives to enhance profitability, improve performance, cultivate a transformation and/or plan for transition.
  2. Demonstrate the industry and farm contribution to the work initiated through the team programs by documenting in-kind and financial match contributions.

Eligible expenses, contributions that would qualify toward the in-kind match and ineligible expenses are all outlined on the On-Farm Resource Team FAQs document. For questions on what qualifies as an eligible expense and what qualifies as a match, please contact Melissa Anderson at 717-346-0849 or

Farms enrolled in the On-Farm Resource Team Program will also have access to additional programs and resources made available through the Penn State Extension Dairy Team.

Some of those resources include:

  • The PA Dairy Tool
  • Farm Margin Tool App
  • Milk Production Record & Feed Records for Management Control
  • DairyCents & CropCents Mobile Apps

Farms enrolled as either a Dairy Profit or Transition Team will also have access to an additional $1,000 in matching funds to cover the cost of professional services to prepare formal business plans.

All applications submitted for the On-Farm Resource Team Programs or for the Dairy Decisions Consultant Program must be accompanied by $100 application fee. If the farm is not accepted into the program, the application fee will be reimbursed. Once the farm is accepted into the program and has access to grant funds, the application fee is no longer reimbursable, regardless of whether the grant funds are utilized.

For more information, please contact Melissa Anderson at 717-346-0849 or