What Dairy Brings to Your Community —
Goodness That Matters Locally

Our local communities are stronger because of the many contributions dairy farms provide. Donny from Perry County is just one of 4,940 dairy farmers across Pennsylvania who work hard 365 days a year to bring you fresh, wholesome dairy foods — providing NOURISHMENT for you and your family.

Families like the Nissleys in Lancaster County are the backbone of our vibrant dairy COMMUNITY with 99 percent of Pennsylvania’s farms being family owned. These dairy farms supply nearly 10 billion pounds — or 1.15 billion gallons — of local milk and dairy products annually to the local and global marketplace.

Dairy farmers like Walt and Ellen in Chester County practice SUSTAINABILITY every day, providing the foundation for an industry that supports more than 47,000 jobs and $11.8 billion in economic revenue statewide.

See What Dairy Provides to Your Community

Scroll over any county in the map below to find out the value of dairy in your community. Counties where no information is listed do not have a significant number of dairy farms but benefit from the overall economic contribution dairy makes across the state. *Data based on 2022 NASS Agricultural Census.

* Interactive map of counties with stats


Farms (#): 4,027
Cows (#): 455,024
Average Herd Size: 113
Economic Impact (In Mil $): $10,921
Number of Jobs: 45,502