Calculate Dairy’s Value

Our local communities are stronger because of the many contributions dairy farms provide. Statewide dairy production and associated businesses contribute more than $6 billion annually to Pennsylvania’s economy. Those businesses create more than 58,000 jobs and spend about 85 percent of their income locally. Choose your county from the menu below to find out dairy’s local impact. *Data based on NASS Agricultural Statistics Data in 2014.

Dairy’s Value by County

Scroll over any county in the map below to find out the value of dairy in your community. Counties where no information is listed do not receive significant economic revenue from dairy, according to data from the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service.

* Interactive map of counties with stats

Pennsylvania Counties


Number of Cows (head): 525,000
Total Milk (thousand pounds): 10,919,000
Economic Value: $7 billion
Jobs Created: 60,000