Leave a Legacy with the Dairy Excellence Foundation

As the Dairy Excellence Foundation works to cultivate and inspire the next generation of dairy, we rely on our donors’ generosity to keep our programs relevant and growing. If you have ever wanted to make a significant contribution to the Foundation but most of your funds are already invested, consider including the Foundation in your estate and legacy planning. This allows you to support the Foundation through your will or living trust and make a considerable impact on our ability to serve the next generation.

How It Works:

  • Planning your estate allows you to communicate your true wishes about how you want your estates to be distributed. By failing to plan, state law may direct how your property is distributed using a one-size-fits all formula.
  • Charitable bequests can sometimes reduce or eliminate the amount of estate tax your beneficiaries will owe.
  • Consider naming the Dairy Excellence Foundation as one of your beneficiaries in your will or the beneficiary of one of your properties (such as a bank account, life insurance policy, or retirement plan).
  • Outline the nature of the gift and specify how you would like your legacy to be used by the Foundation.

To make a lifelong impact on the Foundation and include the nonprofit in your estate planning, contact Jayne Sebright to learn more and get started: