Discover Dairy

Discover Dairy is a cross-curricular, multi-level lesson series available at Two complete lesson series, one for 3rd – 5th grade and one for 6th-8th, are available, with videos, lesson plans, guided reading materials, classroom activities, and assessment based worksheets. Computer games and other resources for the classroom are also available.

The website also has a farmer section with resources for dairy farm families wanting to engage local schools in education about the dairy farm. A farm tour planning guide, activities for the classroom, and other resources can be found in this section.

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Discover Dairy is an educational series managed by the Center for Dairy Excellence Foundation of Pennsylvania in partnership with American Dairy Association Northeast, American Dairy Association Indiana, Midwest Dairy, The Dairy Alliance, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, Dairy Management West, New England Dairy, Dairy Farmers of Washington, American Dairy Association Mideast, Dairy Council of Florida, and United Dairy Industry of Michigan.