Our Foundation Board

Currently eleven individuals serve on the Center for Dairy Excellence Foundation of Pennsylvania Board of Directors. These individuals dedicate their time to identifying the programs to support that grow the state’s vibrant dairy industry, today and tomorrow.

Current Board Members include:

Walt Moore, West Grove, Pa.  — Chairman
Justin Potts, Hershey, Pa. — Vice Chair
Rachel Cloninger, University Park, Pa. — Secretary
Dave Hileman, Tyrone, Pa. — Treasurer

Eric Boyle, Hershey, Pa.
Alex Brubaker, Lancaster, Pa.
Jason Frye, Ligonier, Pa.
Jaylene Lesher, Bernville, Pa.
Marcia Opp, Eighty Four, PA
Yvette Longenecker, Williamsburg, PA
Justin Potts, Hershey, Pa.
Phoebe Bitler, Fleetwood, Pa. (CDE Chair)