November 23, 2021: Dairy Week In Review

Total milk production in the US fell a half percent from a year ago to 18.515 billion pounds, with cow numbers down 14,000 head from a year ago while milk production per cow was down 6  pounds for the month. The nation’s dairy herd has decreased by 100,000 head since June, when it reached its peak. Many of the major dairy producing states posted declines in total milk production. However, some states still posted increases. Wisconsin was up 2.7 percent, while Idaho was up 0.9 percent and New York was up 1 percent. Texas was up 3.9 percent, while Minnesota  was up 2.8 percent. California, Michigan and Pennsylvania all posted declines, with California down 1.3 percent, Michigan falling 0.4 percent, and Pennsylvania down 3.1 percent. Pennsylvania  had 7,000 fewer cows and 30 pounds less milk per cow from a year ago, or a little less than 1 pound per day. Processing limitations and base restrictions are causing some of the decrease in overall  milk production, with the Southwest and Mid-Atlantic regions. Read More