Thank you for your interest in the “Passing the Torch” Transition Workshop! You can now access each speaker’s presentation slides along with video recordings of each session. *Note: The videos lag in some places, but the audio works well if you simply listen to them.

If you’re interested in potentially receiving a grant from the Center for Dairy Excellence to start succession/transition planning on your farm, click here to learn more about grant opportunities or email Melissa Anderson to learn how to get started.

Workbook and Slides

Video Recordings

“How Do We Talk About It?” with Dr. Charlie Gardner

“Understanding the Farm Transition Process” with Dr. Brian Reed

“Retirement Planning: What to Think About” with Samantha Gehrett and Paula Ledney

“Legal Considerations for the Farm Transition Process” with Jennifer Wetzel

Unfortunately, there is a small video/audio error about halfway through the recording. You can watch the beginning and ending of Jennifer’s presentation with this video. To view all of the information from her presentation that might be missing from the recording, make sure to download and view her individual slides. Click here to view her presentation (Page 56).

“Accounting for Everyone: The Accounting Transition Process” with Tracy Garofalo