Case Studies

Learning from other dairy farms’ experiences can serve as a valuable tool in navigating a new project on the dairy. Two sets of case studies are available from the Center for Dairy Excellence.

The transformation team project was rolled out in 2010 and involved ten dairy farms to detail their transformation over a period of three years. Each “transformation” is being detailed in a case study report to be released in late 2013. To see introductory videos and learn more about each of the transformation team farms, visit the “Transformation Team” section of the website.

In 2011, the Center for Dairy Excellence worked with the Pennsylvania Soybean Board to initiate “Herd Health Care Teams” on nine dairy farms. Those teams focused on a key area that influences herd health and animal welfare on the farm. The results of those efforts are detailed in the “Animal Welfare and Herd Health Standard Operating Procedures Case Study Report.”