As a stakeholder in Pennsylvania’s dairy industry, we need your help in encouraging legislators to embrace and act on the recommendations put forth by the Pennsylvania Dairy Future Commission. Please consider contacting your local, state, and federal government leaders to share the recommendations with them.

Below are some resources to help, including two customizable letter templates for download that can be used to contact your legislators. One letter is specifically for dairy farmers and the other is for general dairy stakeholders.

There is also a one-page overview about the Dairy Future Commission, with more information on how to access the full report. Please consider sending the customized cover letter with the one-page overview to your elected leaders to ask for their support of the recommendations put forth.

If you are not sure how to access the contact information for your elected leaders, click here and enter your street address in the top section of the page. There, you will find contact information for your state representative and senator, as well as your U.S. representatives. You can also find information on your elected leaders in Congress at Just enter your street address in the top right corner of the page.