October 21, 2020: Dairy Week In Review

US milk production was up 2.35 percent year over year to 18 billion pounds in September, outpacing last year’s production by 400 million pounds. The total US milking herd is 9.366 million cows, up 33,000 head from a year ago and up 5,000 from August. All top eight dairy producing states boasted increases this month, with Texas showing the most growth at 6.5 percent. California was up 3.2 percent, while Wisconsin was up 0.7 percent and Idaho was up 2.9 percent. New York was up 1.4 percent, and Texas was up 6.5 percent and Michigan was up 2.3 percent. Pennsylvania and Minnesota are neck and neck again, with Pennsylvania up 1.9 percent to 815 million pounds for the month and Minnesota up 2.7 percent to 813 million pounds for the month. Pennsylvania had 3,000 fewer cows than a year ago, but 40 pounds more milk per cow. Read More