November 18, 2022: Class IV Milk

It is not unusual for Class III and Class IV milk prices to be inverse. However, it is relatively unusual that Class IV stays persistently higher. Class III and IV prices inverted last November when  Class IV settled 76 cents more than Class III at $18.79 per cwt. Since then, Class IV has remained above Class III except for May 2022 when Class III was 22 cents higher than Class IV. October  Class III and IV prices were released earlier this month with a streak of six consecutive months of inversed milk prices. The October Class III price was announced as $21.81 per cwt, $3.15 lower  than Class IV at $24.96. Eleven out of 12 months since November 2021 saw a Class IV price higher than Class III. The spread between Class IV and III has averaged $2.38 during this period. Read More