In the fall of 2021, Dr. Rich Stup of Cornell Pro-Dairy led a five-part series where he provided in-depth training and resources for employee communications and management. Whether attendees managed a team of farm employees, or worked with dairy clients to help them with their management strategies, Dr. Stup taught them how to create pathways for clear expectations, consistent messaging, and two-way feedback. Click below to watch the recordings from each session.

Part One: Communications and Relationship Building Dr. Stup shared why workplace communication matters, how to drive high performance with clear expectations, and how to organize the work experience on the farm.

Session Two: Feedback and Coaching – Dr. Stup shared the importance of feedback, discussed the SCORE feedback method, and provided coaching strategies using the GROW model.

Session Three: Onboarding New Employees – Dr. Stup discussed the importance of those first days, how to enhance safety and performance, and ways to build organizational and team commitment.

Session Four: Employee Handbooks – Dr. Stup highlighted the importance of an employee handbook, how to go about developing one, and recommendations for use and maintenance over time. *Must click “download” to view the full recording when you click on the link.

Session Five: Dealing with Conflict – Dr. Stup shared strategies for leading through difficult situations, how to mediate conflict to achieve positive outcomes, and strategies for authentic communication.