Volunteers and Sponsors Needed for Calving Corner Exhibit at 2023 Farm Show

The Dairy Cow Birthing Center Offers Educational Insight for Families

Individuals who have experience working in the Pennsylvania dairy industry are invited to volunteer at the Calving Corner during the 2023 Pennsylvania Farm Show from January 7-14, 2023 in Harrisburg, Pa. The Calving Corner is the cornerstone in the “Destination Dairy” Northeast Exhibit Hall, giving visitors a firsthand look at the Pennsylvania dairy industry and providing educational learning activities for children of all ages. The Calving Corner also live streams the exhibit throughout the Farm Show, reaching more than 37,000 people virtually each year.

“Volunteering at the Calving Corner is an exciting way to help share the story of Pennsylvania dairy farming directly with consumers and families. Farm Show visitors not only witness the miracle of birth and learn where their food comes from, but it’s a rewarding way to help enhance the public’s understanding of production agriculture,” said Miriam Miller, project manager for the Calving Corner. “We appreciate our farmers and dairy industry volunteers who give their time each year to share their firsthand experience with Calving Corner visitors.”

Four Pennsylvania dairy farms will share their story with visitors throughout the 2023 Calving Corner exhibit and demonstrate the dairy birthing process. Cows representing the four farms will calve on site during the entire length of the Farm Show. Farms include Cedar Pine Farms owned by Milton, Stacey and Dylan Rotz of Chambersburg, Pa.; Zugstead Farm owned by the Zug family of Mifflintown, Pa.; S & A Kreider and Sons owned by Ellis, Nathan, Nick, Scott, Herb Kreider and family of Quarryville, Pa.; and Furnace Hill Holsteins with Joel Krall and Justin Heistand of Lebanon and Elizabethtown, Pa.

“I think volunteering at the Calving Corner is a great way to tell your story. Even if you’re not working on the farm but have a passion for the dairy industry, telling the public where their food comes from and showing the miracle of life is a pretty cool experience,” said Ashley Mohn, a past volunteer with the Calving Corner. “It’s a great way to show your passion and explain the process of what happens on the farm.”

Calving Corner volunteer opportunities are available for the following individuals:

  • Dairy farmers
  • Veterinarians
  • Nutritionists
  • Industry representatives
  • College students
  • Other professionals who have experience in the dairy industry

Volunteers will serve in a variety of roles, should be at least 18 years old, and have a practical understanding of the dairy industry. They will be provided with a Calving Corner sweatshirt and should plan to wear proper attire, including clean and neat jeans or khakis. Calving Corner volunteers will also be required to complete a brief online training.

Individuals who are interested in volunteering at the Calving Corner exhibit can sign up online at https://signup.com/go/LiVugNy and select the dates and times that match their schedule. Contact Miriam Miller at Miriam@thecalvingcorner.org  or call 814-935-4905 with questions.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available for businesses or organizations who are interested in helping consumers learn about agriculture and the world of dairy farming. To become a sponsor, contact Miriam Miller at Miriam@thecalvingcorner.org  or call 814-935-4905.

The Calving Corner is made possible by the Friends of Pennsylvania Farm Show Foundation, Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association, American Dairy Association North East, Center for Dairy Excellence, Farm Credit Foundation for Agricultural Advancement, Allied Milk Producers, Northeast Agriculture Education Foundation, Inc., and additional dairy organizations with support from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.