New “Staying Safe Around Animals” Video Now Available, Free Farm Safety Signs

These Farm Safety Tools and Resources Are Available to Dairy Producers at No Cost

With National Farm Safety and Health Week starting on September 17, the Center for Dairy Excellence and the Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania (PDMP) have a series of farm safety videos available to help dairy producers share simple safety reminders with farm employees all year long, but especially during the upcoming fall harvest season. The “Seconds for Your Safety” videos, which are approximately 60 seconds in length, are available in both English and Spanish. They can be watched and shared easily on a computer or cell phone.

The following videos are currently available in both English and Spanish:

  • Staying Safe Around Animals
  • Staying Safe Around Gasses
  • Staying Safe Around Electrical Hazards
  • Tractor and Truck Rollovers
  • Fall Prevention Measures
  • Youth on the Farm
  • Safety Hazards and Precautions for Horizontal Silos

The Center also has free sets of farm safety signs available to help producers display important safety reminders throughout their facilities. Six different signs are available in the set, with a new one included in the mix that focuses on biosecurity. English and Spanish are both included on the signs.

“Farm safety is important all year long, but September is a good time to put some extra thought and focus into keeping your dairy farm team safe, especially during fall harvest,” said Jayne Sebright, Executive Director at the Center for Dairy Excellence. “These videos are quick yet filled with helpful reminders you can share with your team, and the safety signs can help you make sure you have the proper safety precautions in place on your dairy operation.”

To request safety signs to be mailed to you while supplies last, visit or call 717-346-0849.

“The “Seconds for Your Safety” videos are being watched by myself and others on our farm. I think what is most useful on our farm are the facts in the videos which make us aware of the dangers of our occupation. Farmers need to become safer in everything that we do. Hopefully these videos will help us,” said Diane Hartman of Scattered Acres Farm.

To watch the farm safety video series, visit The videos are available in English and Spanish, and additional videos will be released in the coming months. If you know a dairy producer without Internet access who might benefit from watching the videos or sharing them with farm employees, email Emily Barge at or call 717-346-0849 to request access.