Ownership Assessment Survey

Building consensus among those involved is the first step of planning any successful business transition. The Center for Dairy Excellence offers the “Dairy Farm Ownership Strategy Assessment” survey as a tool to help individual dairy farm family businesses identify those areas related to business goals and management philosophy where there are high levels of agreement and those where there are differences of opinions. This could serve as a valuable platform to begin discussions to build consensus.

To view a PDF of the Dairy Farm Ownership Strategy Assessment, click here.

Any farm wanting to use the tool can view and print it at no cost. For those who would want a summary comparing the results anonymously of each person to identify areas of agreement and disagreement, the Center for Dairy Excellence offers this service at a nominal charge of $150 per farm for up to four individual family members to complete the survey. Additional family members can complete the survey for a charge of $25 per each additional family member.

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For more information, call Melissa Anderson at 717-346-0849 or email manderson@centerfordairyexcellence.orgThe “Ownership Planning Survey” is a document created by the Telos Group and adapted for dairy farms by the Center for Dairy Excellence. © September 2014