Center for Dairy Excellence Provides Resources for Dairy Industry


The Center’s New Website Shares Grants, Resources and Information for Dairy Farmers

The Center for Dairy Excellence recently launched a new website with grants, resources and information for today’s dairy farmers, leaders and consumers. With a mission to empower and support Pennsylvania dairy farms, the Center’s website outlines several programs and resources that are designed to help dairy businesses navigate a challenging marketplace.

“The Center for Dairy Excellence assists dairy farm families in the decision-making process and serves as a catalyst for collaboration to strengthen the broader industry,” said Jayne Sebright, Executive Director at the Center for Dairy Excellence. “Our new website offers a clear picture of the programs and resources we provide that can help strengthen Pennsylvania dairy farms and businesses.”

The website includes information about:

  • Team Program Grants –The Center leverages funds provided through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to provide grants to individual farms to establish a Dairy Profit, Transition or Transformation Team. Farms must apply for the program.
  • Dairy Decisions Consultant Grants – The Center provides dairy farm families with professional consulting resources to help make decisions that will shape the future of their farm. Farms must apply for the program.
  • Discussion Group Grants –The Center offers grants to cover costs associated with discussion and benchmarking groups functioning within Pennsylvania. Farms must apply for the program.
  • Stress and Wellness Resources –The Center shares resources that can help dairy farmers manage stress and focus on their health and personal well-being.
  • Financial and Business Planning Tools –The Center partners with various organizations to help Pennsylvania dairy farmers discover resources that can help improve profitability and productivity.
  • Risk Management Resources – The Center offers resources and guidance to assist Pennsylvania dairy farms with developing effective risk management plans.
  • Transition and Transformation Resources The Center provides grant programs, tools, and education to help dairy farm families create and execute a farm succession plan.

The Center’s website also features weekly columns and webinars that share futures and options market data, dairy industry overviews, and advice for protecting profits to help dairy farmers navigate the uncertain marketplace.

In addition, the new website highlights the Center for Dairy Excellence Foundation of Pennsylvania’s educational programs and resources.

“While the Center is committed to supporting today’s dairy farmers, the Dairy Excellence Foundation works to cultivate and inspire the dairy leaders of tomorrow,” Sebright said. “Our new website not only provides curriculum and resources for students and educators, but it also highlights ways potential donors and contributors can get involved and impact the next generation.”

The website describes the Dairy Excellence Foundation’s educational programming and curriculum, career preparation resources, hands-on internships, and scholarship opportunities.

Visit the new website to learn more about the Center and the Dairy Excellence Foundation at