Teachers Receive Dairy Farm Field Trip Grants

Dairy Farm Field Trip Grants

Elementary and Middle School Students Visited Dairy Farms to Learn About the Industry

A group of 24 elementary and middle school teachers provided students with hands-on learning experiences at local dairy farms this spring. The teachers, who are enrolled in the Discover Dairy program, received dairy farm field trip grants through the Center for Dairy Excellence Foundation of Pennsylvania. The grants provide classrooms with the opportunity to tour dairy farms and learn about the industry.

During the farm tours, students discovered how farmers care for their cows, conserve their natural resources, and produce nutritious dairy products.

“We started with a trip to a local dairy farm where the process begins. Then, we added a second trip, picking up where the dairy farm left off,” said Ronna Harter, a teacher at Noah’s Ark School in New Paris, Pennsylvania. “The kids were able to learn about the entire process from farm to store. It was such a wonderful experience.”

The farm field trips also provided students with new educational experiences such as watching a calf stand for the first time and learning about the milking and bottling process.

“We were able to show our students how vital the role of a dairy farmer is in our lives. The students and staff had a great experience and learned a lot,” Harter said. “The added enrichment videos on Discover Dairy’s website also proved very useful. They showed the students what to expect and gave them the ability to come up with questions to learn more.”

Funds from the dairy farm field trip grants can assist teachers in paying for busing, farm tours, lunch, or dairy treats. Any classroom currently enrolled in the Discover Dairy program is eligible to apply, with at least 10 of the 25 grants designated specifically for Pennsylvania elementary classrooms. Discover Dairy, managed by the Dairy Excellence Foundation, is an engaging, interactive, multi-leveled educational series that shows upper elementary and middle school students where milk comes from and how dairy farmers contribute to our communities.

“These dairy farm field trips give students the opportunity to get on the farm and put their book knowledge and learning into practice. Congratulations to these schools for taking students out of the classroom and giving them hands-on learning experiences on local farms,” said Brittany Haag, Dairy Education Program Manager at the Dairy Excellence Foundation.

The following teachers received Discover Dairy farm field trip grants during the 2018-19 school year:

  • Natalie Anderson— Mondovi Middle School, Wisconsin
  • Patricia Berman— Cohen Elementary, New York
  • Kara Boughton— East Jackson Elementary, Michigan
  • Erikka Coletta— Stone Creek Elementary School, Illinois
  • Holly Donaghey— Barnard Elementary School, Oklahoma
  • Greg Emerson— Altoona Middle School, Wisconsin
  • Lisa Filhart— Coleman Elementary School, Michigan
  • Rebecca Goins— Creative Montessori Academy, Michigan
  • Tressa Heffron— Lynch Bustin Elementary School, Pennsylvania
  • Allen Heyler— RB Walter Elementary School, Pennsylvania
  • Jessica Hite— Central Elementary School, Pennsylvania
  • Jennifer Muccianti— Lincoln School, Illinois
  • Ryan Oberly— 16th and Haak Elementary, Pennsylvania
  • Amanda Oswalt— Westmont Hilltop Elementary School, Pennsylvania
  • Anne Parshall— Gwynns Falls Elementary, Maryland
  • Keli Pennesi— Nicely Elementary, Pennsylvania
  • Daiana  Rivera— Amanda E. Stout Elementary, Pennsylvania
  • Nicole Rolka— Tots N Tikes Learning Center, Pennsylvania
  • Reanna Santarelli— Amanda E. Stout Elementary, Pennsylvania
  • Stephanie Sattazahn— Conrad Weiser West, Pennsylvania
  • Dora Sims— Dan Flood Elementary School, Pennsylvania
  • Trudy Snyder— Noah’s Ark Preschool, Pennsylvania
  • Jill Taylor— Four Corners 4-H Cooking Club, Illinois
  • Kristen White— WR Croman Primary, Pennsylvania

Applications for upcoming dairy farm field trip grants will be available in September of 2019. Learn more about the program at discoverdairy.com.