Register for Free Virtual Roundtable Discussion, Hear From Dr. King Hickman

Dr. Hickman Will Share Strategies for Leading With Change on Dairy Operations

The Center for Dairy Excellence is hosting a free virtual roundtable meeting, titled “Leading With Change: Managing Change on Your Dairy,” on Thursday, October 22 from 10 to 11:45 a.m. The event is ideal for dairy farmers and dairy professionals who want to learn about the change management and business planning process. Dr. King Hickman, a founding partner of GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC, will lead the interactive discussion and share coaching strategies for successfully navigating change.

“Whether you’re a dairy producer or a consultant who works with dairy clients, this year has taught us that change is inevitable and often unexpected. Dr. Hickman has excellent advice for preparing for change and creating plans to bring those visions to life as well as proven strategies to help gain buy-in from your family and team,” said Jayne Sebright, Executive Director at the Center for Dairy Excellence. “This will be a timely discussion for anyone who wants to develop the skills to embrace and navigate change in the future.”

Space is limited to allow for an interactive format. Individuals who have faced these types of situations may find the meeting valuable:

  • “I have a new idea that could improve efficiency on the farm. How do I get everybody else on board?”
  • “The industry is changing and our farm, or clients, need to adapt. But I’m not sure where to start?
  • “We have a vision for the future of our operation, but we’re not sure we have the resources to make it happen. How do we create a plan?”

Learn more about how to participate in the virtual roundtable event:

  • When: Thursday, October 22 from 10 to 11:45 a.m.
  • Where: Virtual event. You will receive a link to access the virtual meeting after registering.
  • Topics Covered:
    • How to establish goals and plans to execute them on the farm
    • How to objectively evaluate your farm’s resources and abilities
    • How to facilitate conversations to get everyone engaged and moving in the same direction
    • How to lead others through the change management process

About Dr. Hickman:

Dr. King Hickman is a founding partner of GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC— a group of independent dairy nutrition and management consultants servicing customers throughout the Midwest US and Australia. Dr. Hickman is a graduate of Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and holds a certificate from the University of Wisconsin Dairy Health Management Program. He spent his first 8 years in the dairy industry as a practicing dairy veterinarian before joining Monsanto Dairy Business in 1997. While with Monsanto, he served in various capacities including Area Market Manager, Technical Service Specialist and five years as a Team Business and Development Coach. 

The virtual roundtable meeting is free, but registration is required. Space is limited. Register online at or contact Heidi Zimmerman at 717-346-0849.