High School Students Invited to Visit Dairy Farm for Hands-On Exploration Experience

Students Can Apply to Explore Dairy Careers During the Event on April 20, 2021

High school students in eleventh and twelfth grades are invited to the Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow “Own It” Exploration Experience on Tuesday, April 20, 2021 at Brubaker Farms in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. In partnership with Premier Select Sires, the free day-long event is designed to cultivate interest in a variety of careers available in the dairy industry.

High school students will learn about the roles and responsibilities involved in specific dairy careers, discover how to analyze herd information using various software programs, and create their own solutions to everyday challenges found on the dairy farm. To participate, students are required to submit an application by March 22, 2021. A limited number will be selected to participate in the Exploration Experience.

“Premier Select Sires is thrilled to be part of the 2021 Exploration Experience. With our various career stations and plenty of hands-on learning experiences, this year’s event should provide high school students with a ton of opportunities,” said Karen Wheatley, Manager of Employee Development, Training and Engagement at Premier Select Sires. “It’s one thing to learn about careers in the classroom, but it takes it to a whole new level when you actually ‘do’ the career in a real-time setting like this.”

At the start of the experience, students will explore careers in the four divisions of Premier Select Sires which include the “do-ers,” “analyze-ers,” “techies” and “sell-ers.” They will work with their peers in one of these four divisions throughout the day as they learn about Brubaker Farms, identify common challenges, and analyze herd information to create their own solutions. At the conclusion of the event, they will present their solutions and plans of success to the farm’s herd manager and owner.

“For high school students who have an interest in dairy, the Exploration Experience is a hands-on, experimental learning opportunity that we only offer once a year. The event is a great way for them to see a progressive dairy farm, explore their individual career interests, and build one-on-one connections with dairy industry professionals,” said Michelle Shearer, Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow Curriculum Coordinator.

Students who apply for the event must meet the following expectations:

  • Must be in grades 11 or 12
  • Must have successfully completed Algebra I, Biology and Chemistry
  • Must have an interest in dairy
  • Must wear a mask, coveralls and boots at all times during the event
  • Must have a chaperone/advisor travel with them

The Exploration Experience event is free, and lunch and snacks are provided. Applications must be submitted by Monday, March 22, 2021.

To apply for this year’s event and learn more about the experience, visit www.dairyleadersoftomorrow.com/exploration-experience. If you have questions, contact Michelle Shearer, DLT Curriculum Coordinator, at mshearer@centerfordairyexcellence.org or by phone at 570-768-8316.

The Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow Exploration Experiences began in 2017 and offer high school students the opportunity to utilize formal education skills in hands-on, experimental learning experiences. These experiences give students the opportunity to apply skills they learned in the classroom in real-world settings, engage in STEM learning through agricultural-focused areas, explore potential career opportunities, and cultivate a network of industry professionals. 

Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow is a program managed by the Dairy Excellence Foundation and designed specifically to prepare high school students to work in the dairy industry. A three-part model program, Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow offers classroom instruction, on-farm experiences and scholarship opportunities. Learn more at www.dairyleadersoftomorrow.com.