Center for Dairy Excellence Hires Education and Communications Intern

Kylie Lusk Joins Staff to Help With Dairy Education and Communications Initiatives

The Center for Dairy Excellence has named Kylie Lusk, a senior at the Pennsylvania State University, as the 2021 education and communications intern. Lusk joins a team of employees who provide resources and support to Pennsylvania dairy farms and develop dairy education programming for students of all ages.

Lusk is studying animal science with a business management focus and an agribusiness minor. A native of Washington County, Pennsylvania, Lusk grew up on a small dairy farm and was an active member of her county’s 4-H program.

“Kylie is actively involved in dairy programs at the collegiate level, and she is extremely enthusiastic about educating others about the dairy industry,” said Jayne Sebright, Executive Director for the Center. “Her passion for dairy, combined with her excellent communication skills, makes her an ideal candidate for this internship.”

As an undergraduate student, Lusk participates in several dairy clubs and activities. She is a member of the Dairy Science Club and served as the Membership Chair and a mentor to younger members this past year. She is also a member of the Alpha Zeta fraternity where she serves as the chronicler and THON fundraising chair. Lusk is passionate about working with students and giving back to her community through her active involvement in THON and work on THON’s Rules and Regulations committee.

“I am excited to be able to communicate directly with consumers through this internship as well as learn more about all the programs the Center offers,” Lusk shared. “I love the dairy industry, and I enjoy helping people learn more about it, especially students.”

In addition to Lusk, eight other individuals serve the Center and the Center Foundation. Staff members include Sebright; Melissa Anderson, dairy programs and operations manager; Emily Barge, communications and marketing manager; Zach Myers, risk management program manager; Karen Purnell, accounting manager; Brittany Snyder, dairy education program manager; Katie Waite, fund development coordinator; and Heidi Zimmerman, events and programs coordinator. In addition to the staff, Michelle Shearer serves as a contractor for the Foundation, developing dairy education programming for high school students. Dr. Charlie Gardner also serves as a contractor for the Center, supporting dairy transition and transformation teams coordinated through the Center.

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