New Website and Dairy Education Courses Available for High School Classrooms

The Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow Program Has a New Website With Dairy Resources and Courses

High school teachers and students interested in exploring dairy career opportunities now have access to curriculum and resources available through the Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow program. With a redesigned website and four dairy education courses, including a new Dairy Technologies course, the Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow program prepares high school students to work in the dairy industry through classroom instruction, on-farm experiences, and scholarship opportunities. The new website and library of resources can be found at  

“We redesigned the website with educators and students in mind to make it more resourceful and user-friendly. From new courses and updated resources to infused technology, it’s easier than ever for high school students to explore agriculture and work independently to learn about various careers and technology available in the dairy industry,” said Michelle Shearer, Workforce Development Manager at the Dairy Excellence Foundation. “If you know a high school teacher or student who is interested in learning about the dairy industry, encourage them to utilize the Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow courses and resources.”

The new “Introduction to Dairy Technologies” course is the fourth course available on the Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow website. It provides a broad overview of the various technologies dairy farmers use today. By the end of the course, students will be able to identify and explain several types of technologies that farmers utilize in their day-to-day operations to enhance the care they provide to their animals. The course covers the following topics: introduction to dairy technologies; milk production data; automated dairying; animal activity monitoring systems; genetics and genomics; sustainability technology; reproductive technology; and precision agriculture.

“The Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow website provides much-needed flexibility for me as an educator to offer dairy-related lessons in my classes. With the updated format and new features, I am able to have students work through a module that interests them at their own pace while I monitor each student’s progress on my teacher dashboard,” said Darla Romberger, an agricultural science teacher at Cumberland Valley High School.

Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow also offers three additional courses, including Introduction to Dairy, Introduction to Dairy Herd Management, and Introduction to Dairy Business Management. Industry recognized certificates in both Dairy Herd Management and Dairy Business Management are available to students who receive a minimum of 80% on certificate examinations.

The program also hosts experiential learning opportunities throughout the school year, including farm tours and exploration experiences. Internships and scholarships for students pursuing an education in dairy-related fields of study are also offered throughout the year.

All Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow curriculum and resources are available at no cost to teachers and students. Visit to view the updated website, access the new courses and curriculum, and view the resources available to high school classrooms.

If you have questions about the Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow program, contact Michelle Shearer at or call 570-768-8316. Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow is a curriculum designed specifically to prepare high school students to work in the dairy industry. Managed by the Dairy Excellence Foundation, the program provides industry certifications for the dairy business management and dairy herd management courses to high school students interested in a dairy production career.