‘Feed for the Future’ to Accept Bids Starting June 1, Supports On-Farm Internships Through Everyday Feed Purchase

Dairy Producers Can Support the Next Generation of Dairy With Their Everyday Feed Purchase

Dairy producers can support the next generation of dairy through their everyday feed purchases by bidding in the “Feed for the Future” silent auction. With Purina Animal Nutrition donating $5,000 worth of dairy feed to the Dairy Excellence Foundation to help support on-farm internships for college students in dairy-related fields of study, dairy producers can submit bids from June 1-15, 2022 to receive up to $5,000 worth of Purina products.  

“Thanks to Purina’s generosity, ‘Feed for the Future’ is a great way for us to come together and support students who want to find a future career in dairy,” said Jayne Sebright, Executive Director at the Dairy Excellence Foundation. “Dairy producers have to purchase feed on a continuous basis, so this unique opportunity allows you to make a difference with your everyday feed costs. You’re helping to give college students internship opportunities and direct, farm-level experience.”

Each day the highest bid will be announced through daily updates throughout the auction. The dairy producer with the highest bid in the auction will be announced on June 16 at A Toast to Dairy. Individuals do not have to be present at the event to be the highest bidder. The winner can choose from a selection of Purina products up to a total value of $5,000. The following categories of dairy feed apply: calf milk replacer; calf starters & growers; heifer feed; dry cow feeds; pre and post-fresh feed; and lactating cow feed. Straight ingredients and commodities do not apply.

“Purina Animal Nutrition is proud to support the dairy industry in and around the state of Pennsylvania. To have the opportunity to help young people who are passionate about dairy gain valuable experience from on-farm internships is key in growing the future of this great industry,” said Matthew Lund, keystone dairy sales manager at Purina Animal Nutrition.

The “Feed for the Future” silent auction helps support young dairy professionals like Beckie Burns who completed an on-farm internship in 2020 and will begin her career as a Livestock Production Specialist at Purina Animal Nutrition in June. The on-farm internship program provides students with on-farm learning experiences through 10-12 week summer internships on progressive dairy farms.

“With the Purina job opportunity, the thought of being able to interact with new dairy producers every day really excites me. It combines both of my passions of talking to producers and interacting in the farm environment,” Beckie said. “I’m really happy I was given all these opportunities to grow over the last four years, including the on-farm internship. Going from having no idea about what species I was interested in to now being so passionate about the dairy industry, I can really only thank the people who have given me opportunities. So many people invited me to explore their sectors of the dairy industry and see what I would like.”

Any bids up to $5,000 are not considered tax-deductible. Any bids over $5,000 will be tax-deductible. 

To learn more and submit a bid beginning June 1, visit www.centerfordairyexcellence.org/feedforthefuture or call 717-346-0849.