New Articulation Agreement Allows Dairy Students to Gain College Credits for Delaware Valley University

Students Who Complete Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow (DLT) Courses Can Now Gain College Credits

Through a new articulation agreement between Delaware Valley University and the Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow (DLT) program, Pennsylvania high school students can earn up to six college credits to Delaware Valley University after completing approved DLT courses throughout their high school career. DLT courses include Introduction to Dairy, Introduction to Dairy Herd Management, Introduction to Dairy Business Management and Introduction to Dairy Technologies.

“This articulation agreement is an exciting and advantageous opportunity for high school students who might be considering a degree in dairy science, animal science, or some realm of agriculture at Delaware Valley University,” said Michelle Shearer, Workforce Development Manager at the Dairy Excellence Foundation. “The foundation that students gain through the DLT courses not only prepares them for their college-level agriculture courses, but they can now earn college credits and reduce their debt load as well.”

Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow is a program designed specifically to prepare high school students to work in the dairy industry. The four DLT course modules, lesson plans and associated resources can all be accessed online and downloaded once educators or students complete the DLT registration. The DLT program and courses are available at no cost to agricultural educators and students thanks to donors and partners.

“With the DLT articulation agreement, students are receiving credit toward their degree completion at Delaware Valley University. It often eliminates students from having to go in the summer to pick up additional courses,” said Thomas Speakman, Ed.D, Executive Director of Admission at Delaware Valley University. “It’s also a huge financial advantage for students. Each three-credit class is $3,000. Right off the top, if they complete the four DLT courses, that’s six credits. That’s huge. It really gives students a leg up in terms of [having time to do] internships and other experiences in dairy science.”

Industry recognized certificates are also available to students who receive a minimum of 80% on certificate examinations for any of the DLT courses. Natasha Maddox of Wellsboro Area High School in Tioga County, PA is the first student to earn college credits to Delaware Valley University through the DLT articulation agreement. She is currently a freshman studying animal science in the pre-veterinary track at Delaware Valley University.

“I really like working independently on topics I’m passionate about. I liked how the DLT courses were self-paced,” Natasha Maddox shared. “It helped me gain a lot of credits for just starting out in college. I’m currently a semester ahead as far as I’m aware. Even though I already had a strong foundation with my own livestock, DLT helped me have a better understanding to bring over to what I want to do after college.”

To learn more about the Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow program and curriculum, visit If you have questions about the articulation agreement with Delaware Valley University, contact Michelle Shearer at or by phone at 570-768-8316.

Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow is a program managed by the Dairy Excellence Foundation and designed specifically to prepare high school students to work in the dairy industry. A three-part model program, Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow offers classroom instruction, on-farm experiences, and scholarship opportunities. Learn more at