In this rapidly changing health situation, robust biosecurity protocols are critical to preventing and managing HPAI on your dairy farm. According to the USDA and partners, HPAI is primarily spread by birds to animals and will spread on farms by people carrying matter from infected birds — such as dust, dander, and bird droppings — on their clothing, gloves, soles of their shoes, vehicle tires, animal trailers and other equipment, in addition to contaminated water. Keeping your equipment, clothing and footwear clean helps protect cattle from many viruses.

The National Dairy FARM Program and SMS Secure Milk Supply have a variety of biosecurity tools, resources, and signage that can help you enhance biosecurity on your operation. We are partnering with Penn State Extension to offer Everyday Biosecurity Kits with some of these resources. If you would like us to send you a compilation of these printed biosecurity resources, please request an Everyday Biosecurity Kit below. We’ll mail you the supplies in the next few weeks.

Note: These kits do NOT replace the necessity of building your own biosecurity plan for your operation. To watch a webinar presented by Penn State Extension that explains how to complete the Everyday Biosecurity Plan and Supplement, click here to access.

Each kit will include:

To download the booklet to build your biosecurity plan and comply with Pennsylvania’s requirements in the event of a quarantine, click here.

If you would like to request kits in bulk, please email Allen Hess or call 717-346-0849.

Request an Everyday Biosecurity Kit:

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