Scholarship Program Open for Students Pursuing Careers in Dairy

The PA Dairymen’s Association and Dairy Excellence Foundation Are Offering Ten $3,000 Scholarships

The annual Student Leader Scholarship program is now open for undergraduate students who are pursuing an education in a dairy-related field. Ten $3,000 scholarships are available through a partnership between the Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association and the Dairy Excellence Foundation for the 2021-22 academic year. The scholarships opened for applications on March 1 and must be submitted online by June 1.

“As students and teachers continue to face challenges this school year, we are excited to be able to offer recognition and financial assistance to tomorrow’s dairy leaders,” said Michelle Shearer, Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow Curriculum Coordinator. “Thanks to our partnership with the Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association, we are able to invest in the next generation of dairy and support the educational endeavors of 10 deserving students.”

The scholarships are offered annually to provide recognition, encouragement, and financial assistance to outstanding students enrolled in academic programs that support the dairy industry. Undergraduate students and high school seniors entering college in the fall are eligible for the scholarships. One scholarship is specifically designated for an incoming freshman.

To qualify, students must demonstrate a commitment to working in the dairy industry. Recipients are selected based on academic performance, interest in a dairy-related career, evidence of leadership, character and integrity, and application compliance.

Hanna Welk, past scholarship recipient

“Being awarded this scholarship meant more than just money — it told me I am seen as having the potential for being a future leader in the dairy industry, which was great motivation going into my senior year of college,” said Hanna Welk, a 2020 recipient of the Student Leader Scholarship. “I was able to spend less time working and more time on my studies. Finishing my college career strong helped my GPA and my knowledge base, which I hope to use to land a job in the dairy industry.”

Pennsylvania residents who are full-time undergraduate students currently enrolled in a qualifying field of study or high school seniors who are planning to enroll in a qualifying field of study are given consideration for this scholarship. Qualifying fields of study include dairy and animal science, agricultural marketing and business, nutrition, food science, agriculture and extension education, agricultural communications, agricultural engineering, or related fields.

Students can receive the $3,000 scholarship twice during their undergraduate academic career. Students employed by the Center for Dairy Excellence as an intern or in another capacity are not eligible to apply during the period in which they are working for the Center.

To submit an online application and learn more about the scholarship opportunity, visit or contact Michelle Shearer at 570-768-8316 or by email at