To read the story of each dairy producer who was interviewed and to view a written recap of each episode, search the categories and click on the links below.

Calf and Cow Care

Rod Hissong discusses satellite dairies, group calf facilities, and cultivating a team

Phoebe Bitler offers tips for calf care and maintaining compost barn and robotics facility

Tom Barley describes how to maximize herd performance, production and cow comfort

Greta Halahan & Virginia Deffibaugh share calf management strategies and how to get it right from the start

Clint Burkholder offers strategies for preventing heat stress and maximizing forage quality

Feed and Crops

Shawn Saylor shares the benefits of new cropping technologies, methane digesters, and how carbon neutral can also equal profitability

Ben Peckman gives insight on his innovative planting strategies and ways to manage high fertilizer and seed costs

Walt Moore gives go-to strategies for controlling feed costs in the midst of record-high grain prices

Tony Brubaker shares how tracking dry matter intake makes a big impact

Mental and Physical Health

Crawford County Dairy Producer Opens Up About Farming and Mental Health in New Podcast Episode

Frank Graybill shares words of wisdom after transitioning out of dairy and lessons learned on farm safety

Michelle Kirk opens up about how an unexpected loss can affect farm transition and mental health

Brett Reinford opens up about farm accident and shares methane digester revenue streams

Chuck Carr opens up about mental health after barn fire and traumatic brain injury

Transition Planning and Working With Family

Jared Kurtz gives an honest look at managing a dairy farm with multiple generations

What is this all for? Donny Bartch discusses transitioning between generations and transforming with robotics

John Kline shares how transition planning has helped his family and allows him to give back

Efficiency and Low-Cost Improvements

Dale Brown shares how overcrowding has improved profitability and the benefits of benchmarking

Alan Waybright discusses low cost improvements and outside consultants

Josh Waddell describes how to control energy costs and make other efficiencies


Duane Hershey shares how genomics are strengthening herd performance and longevity

Beef and Breeding

Candice Dotterer White shares lessons learned from integrating beef into their herd

Value-Added and Agritourism

Jennifer Orr reflects on family, community, and how they inspired their value-added journey

Maria Forry shares why agritourism and on-farm events are worth it and how to manage multiple enterprises

Carissa Westrick shares insight about their value-added and agritourism efforts

Emily Montgomery gives an honest look at the rewards and challenges of starting a cheese-making business

Employee Management

Allen Behrer & Pete Posnett describe their creative approach to employee management

Risk Management

Mark Mosemann shares risk management strategy

Business Planning

Jason Frye shares the power of a business plan — and how it guided his 40-cow dairy into the value-added space


Nate Heim discusses vaccination protocols and biosecurity