Read these stories to hear from students who completed on-farm internships and other learning experiences on the farm!

From Urban to Rural: College Junior Completes On-Farm Internship and Gains Experience with Large Animal Health

Growing up in Stamford, Connecticut, 30 minutes outside of New York City , Yvette Wolpo didn’t see a lot of dairy cows, but that didn’t stop her from developing an interest in agriculture.  As a rising junior at Penn State, Yvette attended a career fair and learned about the on-farm internship program. After applying and being accepted, she was paired with Rock Hollow Dairy, LLC in Perry County, Pennsylvania where her goals for the summer have been to gain on-farm experience and expand her knowledge of large animal health and reproduction.

College Student Travels 900 Miles From Home to Complete Internship on Wisconsin Dairy Farm

After being accepted into the on-farm internship program, George Sebright was paired with Brey’s Cycle Farm in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, more than 900 miles and 14 hours from home. With an interest in genetics, George has spent the summer exploring genomic science data and learning how the Brey family uses genomics to breed better cows.

Animal Science Sophomore Gains a Broader Perspective and Dairy Genetics Experience

Caroline Arrowsmith, a sophomore at The Pennsylvania State University, spent this summer interning at Pine Tree Dairy in Marshallville, Ohio. Throughout the internship, Caroline has gained experience with treating fresh cows and calf care. Her day-to-day tasks include milking the fresh and sick pens every morning and evaluating them to make treatment decisions. She also helps feed calves and assists with vaccinations. Along with these tasks, Caroline has also helped in the culling and genetic decisions they make on the operation.

College Sophomore Studies Farm’s Environmental Impact During Summer Internship

Nate Brubaker grew up on a dairy farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, but it wasn’t until he completed an on-farm internship that he was exposed to the day-to-day reality of managing a dairy operation. As part of the internship program, Nate was required to complete a research project. He worked with his supervisors to create a regenerative farm business plan and spent the summer collecting different pieces of data.

Focusing on the Details: Dairy Science Student Learns About Youngstock Care on PA Dairy Farm

For Maddie Jaslar, a senior at Delaware Valley University, her passion for dairy began when she started volunteering at an animal rescue as a teenager. After applying and being accepted into the on-farm internship program for the summer leading into her senior year, Maddie was paired with Darkhorse Farm. Throughout the internship, Maddie gained experience in the milking parlor and worked closely with the calves, which was a great fit for her detail-oriented personality.

College Junior Travels to Minnesota Dairy to Complete On-Farm Internship

While most college students are encouraged to complete an internship, they don’t usually move 1,200 miles away to do so. This is exactly what Tori Schiffert, a junior at The Pennsylvania State University studying animal science, decided to do. Tori applied for an on-farm internship during her junior year and was paired with Tauer Dairy in Hanska, Minnesota for that following summer.

Food Science Student Learns How to Process Milk and Make Ice Cream

As a sophomore at Penn State University, Dylan is studying food science and decided to complete an on-farm internship to gain experience at the farm level and expand his knowledge of dairy processing. To match his career goals, he was paired with Way-Har Farms—a Berks County dairy farm and farm store where they make their own milk and ice cream in multiple flavors. 

College Sophomore Completes On-Farm Internship and Helps Build Next Generation

As a college student approaching her sophomore year at the State University of New York (SUNY) Cobleskill, Lily Fries ended her freshman year with a lot of challenges and changes, but also a new opportunity to pursue her passion for agriculture. Lily is completing a summer internship at Schrack Farms, a dairy farm in Loganton, Pa. to gain on-farm experience and expand on her dairy production management classes. 

Animal Science Student Expands Horizons During Internship at Minnesota Dairy

After growing up in Southern Lancaster County, Dominic Mattilio hasn’t been afraid to get out of his comfort zone. As a junior at Penn State University studying animal science with a minor in agronomy, Dominic is spending his summer more than 1,100 miles away in Hanska, Minnesota at Tauer Dairy, a 220-cow dairy farm. He is one of seven college students who are completing on-farm internship through the Center for Dairy Excellence Foundation of Pennsylvania, the Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania, and the Pennsylvania Dairymen’s

Meet Montana, an On-Farm Intern with a Passion for Herd Health

From an early age, Montana Stump has cared deeply for animals. After growing up on her family’s hobby farm and spending her weekends at a friend’s dairy farm, she discovered her interest in animal health. Hetrickdale Farm, the large-scale dairy in Bernville, Pennsylvania that Montana visited as a child, is now providing her with professional, on-farm experience

College Student Gains Experience on Large-Scale Dairy During On-Farm Internship

Marie Bryant may not have grown up on a dairy farm, but her passion for the industry runs deep. As a rising senior and animal science major at Penn State University, Marie first discovered her interest in agriculture in high school. After joining 4H and FFA, Marie made the decision to study agriculture in college, where she was eventually introduced to the world of dairy farming. Learning from dairy professionals and gaining experience on large-scale dairy farm through an on-farm internship has exposed Marie to all aspects of dairy management.

College Senior Embraces Passion for Agricultural Research During Summer Internship

Stephanie Clouser grew up on a small dairy farm in Centre County, Pennsylvania. With a love for animals and science, Stephanie decided to attend Susquehanna University to major in biomedical sciences with a minor in chemistry. Throughout her classes, Stephanie has developed a passion for agronomy and agricultural research, which she expanded on through an on-farm internship.

Meet George, a College Student With an Interest in Dairy

George DeMers may not have grown up on a farm, but he found his passion for agriculture at an early age thanks to the role models in his life. Gaining inspiration from his dad, who majored in dairy production at The Pennsylvania State University, George followed in his footsteps. He became an animal science major at Penn State Main Campus. To complement the knowledge he was developing in his animal science classes, George knew he wanted to gain experience on a dairy farm.

On-Farm Internship Exposes Student to Rewarding Aspects of Dairy Farming

Even though Rebecca Burns didn’t grow up on a dairy farm, she loved working with animals from a young age. When she decided to study animal science in college, she realized she could make a career out of her passion. As Rebecca began her college career, she was introduced to dairy in one of her core classes and decided to gain more experience through an on-farm internship. Rebecca worked with the farm’s show cows and heifers and also learned about breeding, performed calf work, and completed herd checks with the veterinarian.

College Senior Gains Experience with Animal Care During On-Farm Internship

Originally from Berks County, Pennsylvania, Paige Miller was introduced to the world of dairy farming through her mentor, a local dairy farmer. After working at his farm and gaining experience in the industry, he encouraged her to pursue a career in dairy. As she approached her senior year, Paige made the decision to apply for a summer internship that would give her more on-farm experience. Paige was paired with Kurtland Farms, a dairy farm that uses robotic milking technology and focuses on sustainability.

On-Farm Intern Develops New Skills and Experience with Herd Health

After growing up on his family’s dairy farm, Drew Walton has been part of the dairy industry from an early age. About to begin his senior year, Drew recognized the importance of expanding his knowledge and skillset before he entered the job market. He wanted to find a way to develop new skills related to herd health, management and care. Drew applied and was accepted into the on-farm internship program.